Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Urbania Magazine Column - Purposeful Buzz with Dana Pittman

You wrote your book. The cover is hot, you have a Fan Page on Facebook, and you have 500 glossy full-color bookmarks.

Now what?

You posted a few Status Updates. You receive comments on the Note with your brief excerpt and people are loving it.

Now what?

You have a box of books from your publisher. You took those glossy full-color bookmarks and nicely tucked them between the pages of your baby.

Now what?

Urbania Magazine is excited to announce that Dana Pittman is ready to take your questions.

Purposeful Buzz with Dana Pittman is a new column you will find on Urbania Magazine. Purposeful Buzz provides personal advice and opinions for your book marketing and promotion questions. The most unique and helpful questions and responses will be submitted to the column.

Need help with marketing your book? Let Dana assist with practical and no-holds-barred advice for the issues ailing you.

Want to submit your question? Get started here.

About Dana

Dana Pittman, is the marketing strategist for Nia Promotions. She has worked with authors such as Anita Bunkley, TL James, Jean Holloway, Evelyn Palfrey, and she recently established S.I.R. Authors, a book marketing promotion group. Books are her passion and marketing is her lifeline.

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