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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Queen Latifah Put On Your Crown Book Giveaway

Put on Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom is giving 25 lucky winners the opportunity to win a copy of Queen Latifah's new book Put On Your Crown.  In addition to that, entrants will automatically qualify to win a digital camera, camcorder, and accessories prize pack from Vivitar.

The promotion ends May 30, 2010

Fill out entry form here

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP Guru

Guru, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal died today. I'm just as much saddened as I have questions. With all the aggregated content, no one reported on the type of cancer he suffered from. To have a heart attack at 42 and die at 43 is not normal.

Guru was one of my favorite MC's of all time. The three videos below are dedicated to him.

"Ex Girl to Next Girl"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Should African Americans Critique President Obama?

I missed the We Count! program on CSPAN a few weeks ago. Nothing big, the critique of the black culture occurs annually with The State of the Black America and other panels that "talk" about the main issues.

In past years, the conversation was necessary because there was no talk of a black agenda and most certainly no ear in the White House. Very little changed for Black America.

There has been a lot of black mayors in major cities, but no huge upward shifts in the black population. Critique President Obama as we may, but know that we should hold him to the standard of those that have gone before him. Nothing less. Nothing more.

Do you think African Americans should be critical of President Obama in public? Leave a comment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Download - Blackface: A Novel by Q.B. Wells (7 Days)

Reading and writing is infectious. So much so, I'm giving away Blackface: A Novel, my novel for 7 days. Register and download now here  or

When Rawsistaz decided to hold the E Book Reading Challenge and book chats, I cringed. Although Rawsistaz has earned the respect of the the publishing community and provided honest, informative free reviews for African American authors, I couldn't envision a free download of my book. Why?

There are enough free e-books on the net. 

Furthermore, unless the work is charity, no one works for free.  And anyone who does work for free has an empty plate.  At the same time, I realize during tough economic times, some people want to purchase but don't have the ends or resources to get the book. Finally, the purpose of the E Book Reading Challenge is to promote AA e-books and usher in the new wave of publishing. 

For everyone who couldn't purchase from a local store,  download Blackface on your computer or mobile device. Book reviewers, readers and anyone who would like to read can download for seven days.

To download, register for free @ E Book Reading Challenge .  I hope to talk to you next month and chat about images and characters in Blackface at If not, catch me at a bookstore, in the street or grab a book from my website.

Note:  There are several other authors participating in the e-book reading challenge, get their books too. It's free!

Reading List

  • Black Diamond Prequel by JaNese Dixon – fiction
  • How to Make Money as a Writer in a Down Economy by Maxine Thompson – writing guide
  • Keeping It Tight by Shani Greene-Dowdell – fiction
  • Love Like This By Sylvia Hubbard – romance
  • Love Stories of Some People I Have Known by acVernon Menchan – short stories
  • Moving The Furniture by Barbara Joe Williams – non-fiction, marriage
  • Seeds Of Bible Study By Carole McDonnell – non-fiction, religion
  • The Education of Black Dickey by Kenneth Bowens – literary
  • When We Were One by Zaji – speculative fiction
  • Blackface by Q. B. Wells - fiction

Monday, March 15, 2010

Moody Monday - Mike Epps

Moody Monday calls for some humor, edge and conscious creativity to last throughout the week. Mike Epps can make that happen.

Mike Epps is a comedy icon. The jokes come off his tongue quick, flawless and witty. So witty you don't realize he flips a social and cultural issue on the head.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Urbania Magazine Column - Purposeful Buzz with Dana Pittman

You wrote your book. The cover is hot, you have a Fan Page on Facebook, and you have 500 glossy full-color bookmarks.

Now what?

You posted a few Status Updates. You receive comments on the Note with your brief excerpt and people are loving it.

Now what?

You have a box of books from your publisher. You took those glossy full-color bookmarks and nicely tucked them between the pages of your baby.

Now what?

Urbania Magazine is excited to announce that Dana Pittman is ready to take your questions.

Purposeful Buzz with Dana Pittman is a new column you will find on Urbania Magazine. Purposeful Buzz provides personal advice and opinions for your book marketing and promotion questions. The most unique and helpful questions and responses will be submitted to the column.

Need help with marketing your book? Let Dana assist with practical and no-holds-barred advice for the issues ailing you.

Want to submit your question? Get started here.

About Dana

Dana Pittman, is the marketing strategist for Nia Promotions. She has worked with authors such as Anita Bunkley, TL James, Jean Holloway, Evelyn Palfrey, and she recently established S.I.R. Authors, a book marketing promotion group. Books are her passion and marketing is her lifeline.

For more information visit

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where's your favorite place to buy clothes?

New York or the boosters. Where else could I get all the fresh new new without the money!

Ask me anything

Do you believe there's intelligent life on other planets?

Of course, Mars.

Ask me anything

Who was the best boss you've ever had?

My best boss was Larry at the Chicago Department on Aging. Left me at my desk and just sent me memos of projects to complete.

Ask me anything