Friday, August 29, 2008

Nookie by Anieshea Dansby

Long time no see folks. I've survived some trials and tribulations. I'm ready to move forward. Part of the tribulation that I've began to overcome is my blog account. I'm learning but for two years I knew very little on how to post. I apologize to all the authors, publishers and artists that contacted me to post.

From now on I will be posting more. has an interesting keep it or sweep it section for book trailers. Read the review, rate the book trailer, Nookie by Anieshea Dansby and leave your comments.

If you like the book, buy it! If the store does not stock the book, request they order it or order from an online retailer.

Art Official Media LLC has signed Nookie author Anieshea Dansby. Check out the description of the book, read the first chapter and befriend her on myspace for booksignings and upcoming events.