Monday, June 01, 2009

Urban "Domestic Violence" Situation

Even after the Chris Brown domestic violence situation, I confess a woman has hit me in the mouth before and I have put my hands on a woman. The domestic violence situations occurred as a teenager and I regret the situations ever happened, but I ponder what I would do as an adult today.

When I watched this clip on The Root, I was reminded of the manner anger and violence erupt and are used in the urban environment and relationships. At one point in my life violence had become integral in daily interaction. It took time and effort to unlearn violent behavior, situations and people.

However, if a person power jabbed you in the face with a stiff punch like this young lady did with Charles Hamilton, What would you do? I had to think real hard before I proceeded to answer the latter for several reasons.

1. The young lady is his size or larger, she might be stronger. That punch was no slap or scratch.

2. The sexual exploit he discussed and experiences about the relationship were probably true. She was cute!

3. The truth hurt so much that she had no other way to resolve the situation other than to use violence and punch him.

4. She punched him because she could. She thought he was a punk and that she could beat his ass if he pissed her off - every violent person thinks alike!

I don't condone violence against women or men. However, I think it is too simple for someone who has never been involved in a violent situation with the other gender to say what they would or wouldn't do. People say what they are "supposed" to say and what is politically correct. No matter how hard she hit me, I would never hit a woman. Most men who are trying to impress and win favor of women claim, "I would never hit ..." even if they have!

I disagree. Every person is entitled to their 360 degree space. I will not put my hands on any person as long as they do not put hands on me. It is not personal or gender specific. Don't you think everyone deserves that basic respect?