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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Download - Blackface: A Novel by Q.B. Wells (7 Days)

Reading and writing is infectious. So much so, I'm giving away Blackface: A Novel, my novel for 7 days. Register and download now here  or

When Rawsistaz decided to hold the E Book Reading Challenge and book chats, I cringed. Although Rawsistaz has earned the respect of the the publishing community and provided honest, informative free reviews for African American authors, I couldn't envision a free download of my book. Why?

There are enough free e-books on the net. 

Furthermore, unless the work is charity, no one works for free.  And anyone who does work for free has an empty plate.  At the same time, I realize during tough economic times, some people want to purchase but don't have the ends or resources to get the book. Finally, the purpose of the E Book Reading Challenge is to promote AA e-books and usher in the new wave of publishing. 

For everyone who couldn't purchase from a local store,  download Blackface on your computer or mobile device. Book reviewers, readers and anyone who would like to read can download for seven days.

To download, register for free @ E Book Reading Challenge .  I hope to talk to you next month and chat about images and characters in Blackface at If not, catch me at a bookstore, in the street or grab a book from my website.

Note:  There are several other authors participating in the e-book reading challenge, get their books too. It's free!

Reading List

  • Black Diamond Prequel by JaNese Dixon – fiction
  • How to Make Money as a Writer in a Down Economy by Maxine Thompson – writing guide
  • Keeping It Tight by Shani Greene-Dowdell – fiction
  • Love Like This By Sylvia Hubbard – romance
  • Love Stories of Some People I Have Known by acVernon Menchan – short stories
  • Moving The Furniture by Barbara Joe Williams – non-fiction, marriage
  • Seeds Of Bible Study By Carole McDonnell – non-fiction, religion
  • The Education of Black Dickey by Kenneth Bowens – literary
  • When We Were One by Zaji – speculative fiction
  • Blackface by Q. B. Wells - fiction

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