Monday, August 17, 2009

Interview with Over and Over Again Author Nicola Mitchell

1. UM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. What inspired Over and Over Again?

When I started writing the book it was supposed to be a tribute to my children. I had a daughter that passed away named Dionni. She lived to be 40 days old. The combination of all of my daughters is who I created this character to be. I combined the features of my other daughter's Destani 15 and Diamond 10, and came up with this character. I believe the characteristics, and the description that I created in this story is how my real Dionni would have been.

Then like other artist who has written about relationships, I was hurt. The pain that I was feeling allowed me to take the story line and my characters to another level. It allowed me to express how my self and the way other women in the world may feel after trying to make things work over and over again.

2. UM: The writing process is different for every writer. Describe your ups and downs when writing Over and Over Again.

Like I stated before, in the beginning it was a story created as a tribute to my children, but once I got into it, I went into another direction. At times I had writers block, but I would just stop and go to another section. I work a full time job and I am getting my MBA. So when things would come to me at work or at school, I would just jot them down, and work on it in the wee hours of the night. Once I established the pain in the story line, it was a lot easier for me to complete. A natural flow was then established, and while listening to music I was able to complete the manuscript.

3. UM: Is there a moral to the story or a message you want to communicate to readers?

I want my readers to be entertained but at the same time display that even through the trials and tribulations that life may bring, us as women can still be independent and successful.

4. UM: What is next for you? Any future events or information you want our audience to know about?

I have already started my next book "The Appetizer," and right now I am just promoting and preparing for my book release in July. I was just at the Las Vegas Black Book Festival as one of the 20 a featured author, and I have a host of other events such as:

Apr 4 Maryland Writer's Conference

May 28 – 31 Book Expo of America – New York City, NY

Jun 18 – 20 Black Writer's Conference – Las Vegas, NV

June 13-14 AAMBC National Meeting – San Antonio, TX

July 18 Harlem Book Fair – Harlem, NY

July 31- Aug 2 National Book Club Conference – Atlanta, GA

5. UM: How can our readers contact you and support your endeavors?

The readers can check out my website: or join my fan club site My email is

Thank you

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